26 Jul

Freddie Kelvin has had enough of all this hatred. His parents escaped the Nazis, and he decides to abandon his upbringing in England.

He becomes a doctor, even though he doesn't understand Science.

He is married in a church, but is haunted by ghosts of his Jewish past.

As he jumps from job to job and city to city, he is rootless and disconnected. After a brief stint in Canada, he returns to his homeland.

Once back in England, he's told most unwelcome news: "We can't hire you, you're too much of a wanderer." So, he jumps ship and lands a job in North Carolina.

He survives a major heart attack and two cardiac arrests but remains alive and healthy 15 years later.

Finding new passions in photography and the performing arts, he takes ahis camera to many exotic countries including, to his surprise, on several trips to Israel.

Part memoir and part a unique perspective on religion, history and culture, Freddie traces his experiences in a wide variety of different communities.

After wandering far and wide for so long, he continues to ponder where he belongs and finally comes to understand his Jewish heritage.

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